Mike Ponella Trumpet Player - New York, New York

Trumpet Player Mike Ponella's Gear Preferences

Trumpet Player Mike Ponella currently uses the gold plated version of the Jerome Callet Jazz Trumpet. It is a .470 large conical bore which starts out as a medium bore, going to a medium large bore, then to the large bore at the 3rd valve port. Mike alternates with three different mouthpieces (same rim size, but different cup) depending on the style of music to be played. The side to side diameter for each mouthpiece is similar to that of a Bach 10.5C size. Mike uses a deeper standard cup for legit work, and two heavy metal mouthpieces custom made by Vladimir Friedman for commercial playing and high lead work. One cup style is similar to a double-cup, and the other has a tight 28.5 throat size.

The C trumpet Mike uses is Jerome Callet's "Superchops" which is a .464 bore using a Bb bell as well as a Bb leadpipe.

The Flugelhorn Mike uses is Jerome Callet's Jazz Flugel, which has a .460 bore. For other styles, Mike uses his 50 year old Getzen Tone Balanced Super Delux Cornet, as well as his Getzen Eterna 4 Valve Piccolo trumpet. Mike also has a backup Bb trumpet which is a DEG Signature LA Model 2000 Custom Series, with a medium large bore. It was co-designed by Mike's late friend Ray Amado (who invented the Amado Water Key), and trumpet player Tony Scodwell.

Mike Ponella Trumpet Player Gear

Trumpet Artist Mike Ponella
Jerome Callet horns and endorsement seen in the background.

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